High-Quality Web Design Can Further Optimize Your Online Presence

As many Springfield business owners know, developing a powerful online presence is vital in keeping one’s business as cutting edge as possible. Additionally, maintaining a strong eCommerce presence is one of the best ways to outshine competitors, optimize connectivity, and increase conversion rates.

To begin your journey into the world of an optimized online presence that will keep your business booming, you need to start by obtaining high quality web design and development services.


Online Tips: Web Design Mistakes That Could Be Costing You Conversions

Just because your website looks great, doesn’t mean that your web design scheme is convincing visitors in Springfield, MA or elsewhere to take the desired action. There are design mistakes that could be discouraging potential customers from sticking around long enough to check out what you have to offer. The following are some of these costly web design mishaps.

Distracting Animation

No matter how cool animated intros may be, it can be a major distraction for a new visitor to your site. Even if you’re providing the option to skip the intro, too many animated features can slow page load time, make your site appear cluttered, or frustrate returning visitors who don’t want to sit through the animated presentation again.

Create a Professional Web Design with Some Appealing Website Features

Whether you’re an established or seasoned business owner, investing in a high-quality website, along with providing great services, are the cornerstones of your success in any industry. The website is the platform that enables businesses to market online, attract customers, and build a loyal following of repeat customers. It gives customers an outlet to connect with companies and provides convenient ways for customers to purchase online or at least discover what companies have to offer.

Convenience of the Website Layout

Maintaining a high-quality website does not necessarily involve a huge financial investment. The basic features of the website should provide users with an easy way to navigate through the pages. The information should be clear and concise. It should also provide value to the readers and convince them that the products or services are exactly what they need.

Why Springfield, MA Web Design Experts Advise You to Go Responsive

A lot of Springfield, MA businesses are seeking ways to ensure that they can get their names out there. One of the best ways to do this right now is to have an online presence. Unlike before, however, an ordinary website isn’t going to be enough. This is where responsive web design comes in.

Responsive web design is a design approach for web sites that is very different from the usual way. Its layout and coding are aimed at providing the visitor with an optimal reading or viewing experience no matter what platform they’re using. This means the site automatically adapts to the size of the screen and the input device used.

Springfield Web Design for Highlighting Content of Budding Authors

Some people catch the writing bug and aim to put their thoughts on paper or on digital documents. If they’re lucky, their first book or article may even turn out to be a hit. Even then, a Huffington Post article stresses that a poorly-designed author website could influence the public’s opinion of the author, even reducing interest in his or her works down the line.
The above can strike a chord with the writing community in Springfield, MA. The city was the birthplace of Theodore “Dr. Seuss” Greisel, and the Springfield City Library honors writers from all over western Massachusetts with biennial Authors Fairs, where the authors will have a chance to market their works to new and seasoned readers. The city’s knack for discovering literary talent may come to you with the help of Springfield web design companies like Attract More Clients.

A Springfield Web Design Essential: Having a Mobile-Responsive Website

It is no secret that people nowadays spend as much time on their mobile devices as they do on their computers, sometimes even more. According to Business 2 Community, “In early 2014, Internet usage on mobile devices officially exceeded PC traffic.” It is evident that mobile devices is becoming the primary way of surfing. This is why it has become a Springfield web design essential to have a mobile-responsive website.
Having a mobile-responsive website holds more advantages than having a separate website for mobile devices. The main benefit is that a mobile-responsive web design allows the site to fully adjust across all devices while still delivering the full web experience. It used to be good enough to have only the essentials on a mobile website, but today users expect this site to be as good as its desktop counterpart.

Springfield Web Design Strategies Work towards Increasing Transactions

Businesses with an online presence need ways to uplift their transaction activity with customers. Part of that includes fixing web design elements to steer customers into placing orders. Writing for Entrepreneur, Ankit Oberoi says that aside from determining the layout and site content, you will also need to fix up the site typography, or how the text is presented in the design.

Some online marketers can’t stress enough how typography in varying degrees of order and execution will affect the quality of messages the customer receives about you. Typography enables you to build up a website with its own personality, which will aid in educating the user about your product or service. That’s a goal you can achieve with Springfield web design experts like those from Attract More Clients.